Linda Latta

What we do

Are you ready to begin your healing journey? Or perhaps continue?  It’s as easy as taking the first step. Through the use of homeopathy, herbals and sound nutrition, you can be there faster than you think. Book your initial appointment today!

So what do we do?Linda's office 

Your initial visit

Holistic healing accentuates personal responsibility and a cooperative relationship between practitioner and client.  Because you are more than your aching back or clicking elbow, your initial visit takes into account the entire sum of your parts ~ ALL of you. 

Please plan on 2 hours to sit in a relaxed environment to discuss chief concerns and to go over all body systems. Linda will decide on an appropriate combination of nutrition, homeopathy and lifestyle modifications and make recommendations for you to follow until your first follow- up appointment including:

  • personalized assessment
  • dietary modifications (where needed)
  • supplementation of nutrients and/or herbs (where needed)
  • lifestyle counselling
  • homeopathic remedy selection
  • follow-up in order to guide clients on their journey



What were you doing before you came to see Linda?  If you don’t like the results you are getting with what you are currently doing…..then CHANGE WHAT YOU ARE DOING!  You have come to see Linda for a reason and compliance with recommendations is key to success in your wellness program.


While some may consider follow-up appointments unnecessary as they start to feel better, they are integral to fully rectifying disturbances in the body, especially those that are long-term. For this reason, your initial consultation fee includes your first followup appointment.  In most long term cases, a 6 month plan is recommended.


REMEMBER:  You are more than an elbow or a rash are the sum of ALL your parts! Let Linda treat you as a whole.