Linda Latta

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"Linda is phenomenal and I consider her a miracle worker. For years doctors could not help me with my health issues but within months of meeting Linda, she was able to help my body work as it should. Through her homeopathic remedies and dietary advice, she has helped my body heal itself. Linda took her time to listen to me and asked many questions to get to the root of the problem. I am happy to say that months after seeing Linda, I still feel great and balanced. I would highly recommend Linda to everyone!"

-Lindsay E


Rash ~ Pitariasis Rosea

"I brought Filos, my then four year old son, to Linda to help with his skin condition. His paediatrician had diagnosed him with pitariasis rosea; a virus that left his body, from his shoulders to his knees, with red flaky spots. I was told it would take up to three months to go away! Within a couple of weeks, Linda managed to reverse his condition and bring his skin back to normal. Many thanks, Linda!"

-Vivian P


Cataracts and Tooth Infection

'Natural medicine has interested me for many years and it is usually my first mode of defense. So on finding out that I had cataracts, I went for a surgical consultation as recommended by my optician and did some research on my own. I opted to try homeopathy before surgery. Previously, I had excellent results with homeopathy as my son, who was diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome as a very young child, had asthma like symptoms for a couple years. After visiting many doctors in several countries including Miami Children's hospital and being put on steroids, and spending many nights in hospitals, the only remedy that addressed his symptoms was a homeopathic remedy. Now living in Canada, I decided to see Linda, being close to where I live. After giving her a detailed medical and personal history, she recommended Silica in homeopathic form. She told me that this had the effect of expelling unwanted 'things' from the body. I was also told that the cataracts would take considerable time to address. Another ailment that I had was a residue in the gums as a result of a detached crown which got infected. The only symptom was just a dull pain in the gum and it was present for at least a year. After about 1 month on the Silica, the residue in the gum was expelled through the outer gums. As for the cataracts, my overall vision became sharper within a couple weeks and am continuing treatment for the more pronounced cataract in my right eye. As for Linda, she is easy to talk to and I know I am in good hands.'

 Marcia T