Linda Latta


Natural healing tools for animals.

For the love of our furry friends.

Homeopathy for Pets Neo kitty -paw 

* Please be advised that I only treat animals that have been seen by a vet regularly. We want to ensure that all diagnostic bases are covered

From a young age, I could not be kept apart from fur-friends. In fact, I typically preferred them to my human friends.  Some might argue that I still do!  We are blessed with the companionship of animals. This is a privilege not a right and I have been immensely privileged since I was a wee tot.

We can care-give to our fur-friends in so many ways; even by just telling them how much we love them. But when serious pathologies take hold, visiting the vet is the best course of action. In addition, complementary medicines can be used to augment the healing process.

What does an appointment involve?

Treating pets involves a 1 hour initial intake to determine the best homeopathic remedy for your lovely animal companion. Much of the symptom reporting is by the primary caregiver just as with intakes on babies or toddlers. Ideally I like to meet the animal in his or her home environment. If this is not possible, Skype works quite well and is often used for follow-up appointments.

Billie -black and white doggy

Administration of a homeopathic remedy to a cat, dog, bird, horse (or other non-human!) is very simple. Typically, one tiny pellet is placed in the mouth. Alternately a wet dose can be administered orally with a 3cc syringe.


One dose is often enough but at least one follow-up appointment is necessary to follow the case. Each case is individual and speed of results therefore are also unique to each animal. In my experience, fur-friends are my most quickly healed of all my patients.


Theo the german sheppard doggy