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Pet Testimonials

Our pets speak.  All you have to do is listen. 

Pet Testimonials

The best compliment I can recieve is a short message thanking me for successful treatment.

Punctured Cornea

"Milo would be a one-eyed dog today if it wasn't for Linda Latta.

In the fall on 2012, we noticed something was wrong with Milo's left eye. Upon closer inspection, we realized this process had been going on a while; a white film covered his eye, and a there was a pin-sized hole about 2 mm deep in his cornea. We surmised that he must have either scratched or punctured his eye in a thorn bush he often hangs around in the backyard. My husband and I were panicked and felt extremely guilty for missing these signs.

Punctured Cornea -MiloI took him to an eye specialist who informed me the treatment of choice was a corneal graft surgery. The surgery, frequent follow-ups and lifelong medication he would require were too costly and time consuming for us to consider. The other option was to remove the eye completely. When I asked if there were any other options he told me of special eye-drops that may help, but with the extent and duration of damage he told me it had an under 2% chance of working, and if it did work, we would require the drops for about 2 months. We decided to try it. We were to try the drops for a week and follow-up with our regular vet for a re-examination, at which point we would have to decide the next step.

Although I had little experience with homeopathic medicine, I thought of my friend and colleague, Linda, the very next day. I knew the studies showed excellent resutls with animals. She saw me that very day and seemed to know right away what remedy to prescribe. We decided to continue with the special eye drop as well as the homeopathic remedy.

Long story short, a week later the vet reported the eye was 90% better; to continue what we were doing and basically not come back! Milo was about 100% in 2 weeks. I am still in awe at what Linda has done for him. To me there are no other explanations for his full and speedy recovery.

Thank you Linda for what you have done for us!"

-Dr. Mishka Thomson
Chiropractor and Certified Animal Chiropractor


Giardia and Bloody Stool

"A couple of weeks after we brought 6 week old Huckleberry home from the Humane Society we noticed there was something wrong with his poop - it was smelly, it was loose, and sometimes there was mucous. As he left the Humane Society with a clean bill of health, we attributed his digestive disturbance to the stress of coming to a new home. After a couple of settling in weeks all his behavior indicated a happy, well adjusted, high energy kitten who just wanted to play and snuggle. Stress theory ditched. So we went out and bought a higher quality kitten food to see if that would do the trick. No change. Then it happened, he pooped in our bed! I was so angry, until I noticed that this poop was extra loose with streaks of blood and mucous. I knew in my heart that this was no accident and that he was trying to tell me something, but I didn’t understand him. So I called the animal expert in my life: Linda, she would know what to do.

Linda sat with us and took his case, I remembered that he was treated with a long course of antibiotics for a Giardia infection at the Humane Society before we adopted him. When I went to describe our behavioral concerns about Huckleberry, I realized that his ‘aggressive play’ was none other than pure exuberance and a high desire for play. Linda observed Huckleberry’s behavior intently as she listened to us and she quickly began pointing out some of his habits that stood out - his thirst, his desire only for cold running water from the tap, highly sociable nature for a cat, and his love for lemongrass, fruit, salt and olives. I thought many of these things were normal for a cat so didn’t even think to include them in our description of Huckleberry.

Linda prescribed one dose of the chosen homeopathic remedy, along with 2 weeks of probiotics and slippery elm powder. Within a couple days his poop was less stinky, more firm and no more blood or mucous! Since the Fall of 2011, Huckleberry has had 2 more doses of the same homeopathic remedy at Linda’s recommendation: once in the Spring of 2012 for another occurrence of blood and mucous in his poop, and once in the Fall of 2012 for a spike in bedtime nipping. We are forever thankful for Linda’s knowledge, skill, ongoing support and attention to detail. She knew exactly how to help our Huckleberry when we did not know how to."

- Alec Zigar


Chronic Vomiting

Chronic Vomiting -Neo kitty -Before view"This story is my own.  Neo came to me at 3 years of age after having been left in an apartment.  I call him Neo which means "new".  He has a new beginning.  Both he and his mother were taken to a shelter with 30 cats.Tight accommodations.  Neo became very ill with an upper respiratory tract infection. It sounds harmless except for the fact that Neo was not recovering and was a mere 7 lbs.  He almost perished as he was very stoic, and his illness went unnoticed.

Soon after arriving at my home, it was clear that there was a problem with digestion. All veterinary diagnostic testing confirmed that there were no pathogenic factors.  Neo was vomiting ALL meals. He also had intermittent foul soft stool. This meant that he could not retain nutrition. It also meant that hydrochloric acid was constantly passing through his oral cavity (damaging his gums). After taking his case and beginning treatment with homeopathy, Neo began keeping his meals Chronic Vomiting -Neo kitty -after viewdown and his stools were more formed.  He began to gain weight and his ribs were no longer palpable.

Neo needed redosing of his homeopathic medicine over the next 6 months with less and less frequency.Today he is a muscular, solid 13.2 lbs!!!!  He is thriving!  We are currently treating him for his chronic gum inflammation, and he is doing remarkabley. "

-Linda Latta