Linda Latta

Pediatrics - Behavioural Issues

Insight into homeopathy to treat behavioural issues in children

Behavioural Issues in Children

ADD, ADHD and Autistic Spectrum disorders are on the rise. There are a number of contributing factors. Not only are food allergies and intolerances linked to these disorders, so too are vaccinations and the overuse of the same. Please click here to download a form to opt out of vaccinating your child.

Homeopathy isn't cookie-cutter medicine. Twelve autistic children might be prescribed twelve different remedies. The choice of an appropriate remedy depends on a child's individual characteristics and a thorough homeopathic intake. The treatment process typically takes many months and even years -- it is not a quick fix. It may also require the use of several different remedies over time.

Please visit the following website for insight into homeopathy's success with helping Autistic Spectrum disorders.