Linda Latta

How Can Homeopathy Help ?

Homeopathy is so gentle.  Your fur-friend will thank you.

How Can Homeopathy Help ?

 A short list of some examples of conditions wherein homeopathy can be used:

Gastrointestinal disorders

  • vomiting
  • diarrhea
  • constipation

Disturbances with the gastrointestinal tract may at times linger.  This is not normal, nor is it comfortable for your pet.  Please see Huckleberry's and Neo's testimonials.

Urinating and defecating inappropriately inside of the house (both dogs and cats) is usually indicative of a larger health concern.  Be happy that your pet has drawn your attention to the issue as it can be serious.  Visit your veterinarian immediately if your animal cannot urinate or pass stool OR if profuse voimiting and/or diarrhea persist.



If your pet has a tendancy to scratch frequently, this is something that should be addressed.  Just like humans, dry skin, bacteria and parasites can be present.  There may also be internal disturbances which you should discuss with your veterinarian.


Fur loss

Similar to the above explanations, a physical examination by your veterinarian is always a good idea.  From there we can decide what is the best complimentary action with homeopathy.


Behaviour disorders

  • grief
  • anxiety
  • aggression
  • fear

Homeopathy plays a very positive role in helping grief, anxiety, aggression and fearful states.


Ear infections/discharges

Chronic ear infections that need repeated treatment of antibiotics point to a deeper disturbance that is not being corrected at the root. Homeopathy can help. 


Acute injuries such as cuts, wounds, poisoning

See Milo's testimonial for a truly brilliant example of homeopathy's best work!