Linda Latta

Emotional Health


Emotional Health


There are a number of mental/emotional conditions that are on the rise given our current modern conditions.  Below are three such examples that are greatly helped by homeopathic and nutritional intervention.  The goal is SAFE, GENTLE, EFFECTIVE and PERMANENT resolution.  You can never become dependent on homeopathic medicines.


  • Anxiety:  Living with anxiety and states of panic can also be unbearable. Physical states of anxiety can manifest in painful skin conditions, migraines, respiratory issues and many more.  To move beyond this crippling state, homeopathy and lifestyle counselling are fantastic healing tools.


  • Depression:  is a condition that can leave one feeling debilitated and in many cases is accompanied by a great deal of generalized aching pain. Both homeopathy and nutrition can bring immense change to the neurological landscape helping your body to build the ‘feel-good’ molecules naturally.


  • Grief: Anyone who has experienced grief knows that there is an element of shock but there are definite stages of grief, the final being acceptance. Even if one has accepted the experience at hand (typically a loss), sometimes the body is unable to move forward and this is where homeopathy can be a wonderful but temporary companion.