Linda Latta


 Love your liver!!!!



What you don’t need you purge right?  Maybe in a perfectly well-tuned body in a perfectly toxin free world this would be possible.  You are probably thinking “this does not exist”.  You are correct.

We have the option to help our bodies deal with the daily borage of toxins and it helps to know how.  Holistic nutrition offers assistance in a non-invasive manner which will help open up detox pathways and ensure that toxins are eliminated rather than recirculated.

Learn how to support your major detoxification organs safely and effectively:

  • Liver
  • Kidneys
  • Lymph
  • Skin

AND remember to love your liver!  It is our primary organ of detoxification.  


Why a Toxic Overload Inventory is necessary, and how it affects your health.


Homeostasis is a state of stability in which your health is maintained evenly and well. Your body is able to maintain a good weight level and you feel good.


When there is an upset to your life in any way (dehydration, lack of adequate nutrients, parasites, stress, accident, toxic assault in any form, etc) your body system can go out of balance and will need correction. If the correction is not made, symptoms will develop into chronic problems and diseases, which are then more difficult to reverse. (e.g. inflammation of any kind). Please also REFERENCE ROOM on this website for the "Personal Toxicity Checklist".


Suggested reading/reference tool:

See Dr. Hulda Clark’s book The Cure for All Diseases for sources of household poisoning and toxicity.