Linda Latta

About Linda

My best friend in the whole world when I was 4 yrs old was my cat Pho. Who would have thought that such a feisty kitty would consent to snuggling?  Animals are great friends and also great supporters of healing.


About Linda

Linda Latta DCHM, CNP

We are a collection of all that we have done and a manifestation of all that we will do. Healing the body involves choice. Choose healing.

Linda Latta graduated with honours from the University of Guelph with a B.A in English and Sociology. Years later, Linda was driven to return to school and began studying at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine which offers education in a wide range in modalities of healing.  After successful completion of her first year, Linda chose to narrow her focus to two modalities in order to best serve her patients.

Linda achieved her honours diploma in Holistic Nutrition in 2011 from the Institute of Holistic Nutrition (IHN) and her Homeopathic designation the following year from the Canadian College of Homeopathic Medicine (CCHM). Because detoxification is such an integral part of achieving optimal wellness, Linda's expertise lies in this area. By identifying your individual deficiencies and excesses, Linda can assist you with a painless yet effective individual detoxification program. Detoxification is a key part in addressing many concerns such as allergies, endocrine imbalances and acne as well as shedding excess weight. Using her extensive knowledge of multiple healing tools, Linda treats people of all ages as well as their animal companions. In Linda's second year of homeopathic training, she successfully assisted individuals with endocrine imbalances, anxiety and a canine client with age related issues.

I believe that we are a product of what we repeatedly do and that we each hold the key to our own wellness. From a young age I have always been attracted to natural healing and was always drawn towards helping any living being that may be hurt or suffering. As time marched on I was forced to deal with my own personal health issues as well as those of my feline companion of 20 years. It was my honour to treat him holistically with nutrition, herbs, homeopathy and love. I believe we all are capable of finding and achieving balance, and ultimately living well.